It’s almost Christmas! A day on which we remember the birth of Jesus Christ, a first century magician from Bethlehem. Many say he was the Uri Geller of his time. We celebrate his birthday, of course, by welcoming an overweight stranger with quite an unusual suit into our homes, preferably when we’re all asleep.

For those of you who don’t know, Jesus’ father was/is God, his whereabouts seem to be unknown. God is perhaps best known for creating the Universe, an achievement for which he received much praise. He lost some of his popularity when he killed all humans and animals by flooding the Earth.

Let’s go back to the year Jesus was born, which was apparently between 6 and 4 BC, which means his birth must have come as a big surprise.  Especially to Joseph, who couldn’t recall engaging in any reproductive activities with Jesus’ mother, Mary. Mary’s explanation was that she had given birth to the son of God, an excuse that only worked once in history. Not long after Jesus was born, 3 uninvited guests turned up to visit the “Son of God”, because they “had seen a star”, quite a cryptic sign, but they were wise men. Of course the men didn’t come empty-handed, Jesus was given gold, incense and myrrh. He lost interest in it after about 5 minutes, but Joseph was thrilled.

Anyway, Jesus lived happily ever after, until he was brutally nailed to a cross.

Happy Christmas!!

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